22 December 2010

sing along guysssssssss

still the same =,=

dear , im still waiting fer you

i want my boy back

can you do it fer me????

heyyy onlinerrrrrrrr ):

hate me just the way i am
i'll accept it ,
but not to ruin our relationship...............

heyy youu all;


don't close to me if you don't wanna been hurt by the idiot

ME againkannnnnnnnnnnnnn

im hurting someone that i really really love , act i always make a big mistake ,between us , i je yg selalu carik gaduh kn , haihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , dear YOU , im sorry , you don't deserve to get me as your girlfie lahh , im soo sorry DEAR

Sorry seem to be the hardest word , but fer me ;isn't!

ini lah die , shuu the idiot girl , awww i like mat rempit ahaha , dah i stop merapu and straight to the point , oke act post i smlm yg bertajuk ape ntah , telah mmbuat kn my peeps tak duduk senang mndgr nye * i think laa ,
okey babes , i shuu , from lempangsikit.blogspot.com want to ask fer all my peeps a big as me , apology , sorry fer hurting you all , and i pongg mengaku yg i mmg bodo tulis bende yg akn buat org terase , yes i admit it , and again im sorry ,
i pn tak la mature sgt nak pikir untuk semua org , but selepas dibebel oleh USTAD undangan , akhirnya i sedar i dah terpesong rupenye , ahaha
*seriusly sorry ok , i dont want to lose you *______*
BABE : !@#$%&*$@*
a thousand of sorry,*jgn dedicate lagu YOU'RE NOT SORRY dah mcm boyfie i buat je , ahaha
sorry sgt sgt ,
miaawwww miawwwww sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy