28 August 2010


ok,firstly nk ckp,im happy with my life seriusly.well
ad je org yg ta puas aty kn,act korg tu perfect sgt ke??
mmm,paleng sdeh bile bestfriend sndri bwt mcm ni,
tyme happy we share it together kn,but tyme sdeh???
kaw ad ke when i need you,now its over,ak takn kaco life kaw so do you,i hope so....

hey all drama king and queen,stop it ur drama la,korg ta penat ke ha???congrates la you'all coz drama yg korg bwt sgt hebad*give them big clap.

ak rse ak buang air mate ak ntok korg da bnyk sgt dh,puas aty korg bwt org sdeh kn mmg hobby korg kot kn tgk org nanges,act tengs sgt ehh,

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